Thijs Roes

Creative journalist, science communicator and filmmaker with a love for science, history and storytelling.

On the right, an overview of current projects. Examples of my work are here.

  • Andromeda Productions

    Andromeda Productions

    Media production company for engaging scientific storytelling.

  • VICE


    I've been part staff & freelancer for VICE, Vice News and Motherboard.

  • Voyages


    Youtube channel telling the most fascinating stories about the human exploration of the universe.

  • RTL New York

    Controlled Substance

    A Youtube channel about the clash between drug policy and culture from a scientific perspective.

  • Voyages

    New Netherland Now

    Tells the epic history of how New Amsterdam became New York and influenced America.



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Excellent question. My name is Thijs Roes, pronounced "Tice Roose".

The name 'Thijs' is easy to pronounce if you grew up in the Netherlands, as I have. Here, the Dutch invented the concept of the letter 'ij', which is a so-called digraph prounounced as the I in "rice", "spice" and "mice".

It has been a good source of Scrabble family fights throughout Dutch history. Is IJ made up of an I and a J, or is it actually the letter Y? It is a tedious issue in the Netherlands and I wouldn't be surprised if it has broken up some marriages before Google could give a conclusive answer. (They are two seperate letters, but pronounced as one.)

Besides arguing about Dutch orthography, I also spend my days as a creative journalist. I do full communication productions. I report, film, write, shoot, edit, advise, tape, produce, publish and run a business.


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